What is Nerdy Noods?


Nerdy Noods is a small Canadian snake breeding business in Ottawa, Ontario. Its main goal is to break the stigma of snakes and help build them a better reputation. I have heavily invested into this project over the past year and it still grows and develops to try and be as welcoming and friendly as possible. We don’t want people too shy from noodles, but to respect and learn to approach them with no bias or fear.



Early Stages

Nerdy Noods hadn’t existed yet when I got the tactile motion graphic assignment. I wanted to take advantage of my “props” and created a video that showcased them. The best way I felt to do that was to make a logo and design it like an introductory video to the business. This was the spark that has led to my snake journey.

The progress of the video was going well - I was extremely proud of this project and I did not want any part of it to fall short. I decided to invest what little student budget I had into hiring a musician to top the project off. Julius Thorén did an amazing job despite being sick - he used it to his advantage to add the nice rough voice for the small twist in the video.


Helios in front of greenscreen

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Romeo in front of green screen

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Maggie in front of greenscreen

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Helios in front of greenscreen

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Final Tactile Video

While I was happy and still proud of how this video turned out - I wanted to push the Nerdy Noods Branding further into something more suited for what it represents.

Revisiting the Logo

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 2.29.38 PM.png

The old logo was too illustrative, it didn’t suit my style, it didn’t translate well on different platforms and sizing. I wanted something more playful, easier to translate and more accessible for users. I also wanted to reduce it down to a singular colour to really stand out as most reptile and snake companies tend to use 3 or more colours. It was time to brand Nerdy Noods properly and not just for a school project.

Nerdy Noods

Final Branding


promo Video


Early Stages

With the Nerdy Noods rebranding, the old video wasn’t on brand anymore. The company had expanded in the time between old and new, and there was much more content to show. To encourage new engagement I decided to create a new promotional video.

Sadly during the creation of the new video, my beloved Maggie passed away. I included her in memoriam, to remind me of her unconditional love and support. In many ways this video is dedicated to her.  

I decided to use the green screen assets as well as the music from the old video. I also had some additional clips from my first time filming, so no other clips were needed.  With those in hand, I had everything I needed to start storyboarding.



While the end product did divert a fair bit from the storyboards it still provided a nice guideline for the end product. I gave myself options and the ability to adjust things accordingly. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get new clips but recycling old clips worked as well.


Keeping true to the original video, I kept the words the same as they still felt true to the brand. I originally planned to have two snake clips but I wasn't able to get matching shots.


For this shot I chose to switch out the two snakes for the clip of Muffin (Pale yellow snake) in "nerdy" things. This kept it clean and it also was a really good clip from the original video.


Originally I wanted to cut back to the logo before moving forward with the video - however with the musics time constraints I chose to remove this scene completely to provide a longer time at the end.


I gave myself two options going forward - either to use the videos from the instagram at full screen or to keep the ratio close to original to prevent pixelation.

While the full screen would've been nice, I felt the second option gave the video a bit more depth and didn't over pixelate the original videos being showed off. In addition it allowed a smoother transition between the two kinds of video without suddenly switching on the viewer.


In the storyboards I had it go right to the end screen however in actual production I decided to add back the swapping of snakes and Maggie to keep in tune with the music and stay closer to the original.

final video

Don't breed for money

a message from Nerdy Noods


The Purpose - Creative Brief

Most people don't realize that the reptile community is quite big. There are thousands of breeders all over the globe with a variety of reptiles and morphs. These breeders like to show their animals on social media, youtube or have blogs. They show off how breeding works and really show how exciting the process is about breeding snakes and how rewarding it can be. 

However - a lot of people get the wrong impression from this. While breeders are showing how rewarding the hobby is and the absolute ecstatic joy you get from hitting your goal morph, lots of people see the price tag. Lots of people start breeding purely because they go under the impression that it's an easy return on investment. Some morphs can easily reach the thousands so people convince themselves if they get that morph they can get the return value plus more.

This video has one purpose - to stop people and get the to consider how much it actually costs to become a breeder without becoming a long rant of a video.



Every year there are snake breeding businesses starting and ending. There are over hundreds of breeders but very few make it far and continue with the passion for a long time. People see the price tag of some morphs of these snakes and think they are set for life if they can get that morph. The issue is - they don't realize how much money it takes to even get a basic proper setup to begin breeding snakes.

This is especially the case for Skittles. [Skittles]

Skittles is the perfect example of a very big price tag for an extremely difficult morph to get. People see how big a return they could potentially get - without realizing that to get this much return they would need to invest thousands upon thousands in parents to even get close to Skittles interesting morph.

Unfortunately people forget that these are animals. They still breath, live and can feel pain. A lot of these get rich quick breeders don't provide these animals the best care and no body wants that for these animals.

In 2017, the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics figured out that Reptile Breeders made the following salaries:

- Median Annual Salary: $37,560 ($18.06/hour)

- Top 10% Annual Salary: $69,130 ($33.24/hour)

- Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $25,590 ($12.30/hour)

Source: [Link]

Most people end up in the bottom 10% and now a days you can't sustain in 2021 on such a small income. To get to the degree of an income to sustain yourself you need to invest heavily into high end morphs, and without proper branding or business knowledge it's bound to flop. For the sake of these snakes, and all these future hatchlings from irresponsible breeding, we need to make sure people are informed about what breeding really entails.

This is very obvious in Reptile Expo's & Shows. GoHerping has an excellent video about how these events are mainly for cash grabbing and almost purely full of vendors who are there for profit - again this source is primarily in the states.

GoHerping - Why Reptile Expos & Shows are Terrible






When designing something for motion - it's best to break it down into assets and features first before constructing it in AfterEffects. This allows me to go back layer and make changes without destroying the overall piece.

When designing the first draft there were things I have to keep in mind for Nerdy Noods Branding. Nerdy Noods uses clean and simple illustrations. In addition - in their videos they don't use White or Black for BG. They use a colour, usually their distinct green from their logo. Because of this - the illustrations that are designed need to be colours that contrast and don't bleed into the green.

Since Nerdy Noods primarily deals with Ball Pythons - making sure the snake has a very distinct Ball Python shape is key. In addition, when most people consider getting into snake breeding it's usually because of Ball Pythons because they are a very accessible and easy snake to care for.


Font & Text

Nerdy Noods uses Cubano as it's primary font so all the font in the video will be using Cubano. To save space on the assets folder, any text in the video will be added in AfterEffects. This will make animating the words easier and more efficient. This is to also make sure that the Adobe Illustrator file doesn't get to large and slow down the working time.

First Draft Assets

These assets are reflections of the rough sketch on the storyboards. While some of the assets got minor tweaking it is mostly the same. All colours are used multiple times for consistency and put to a certain saturation to prevent bleed. I used the Nerdy Noods green in the background for colour testing. In addition - all green is the Nerdy Noods green.

The snake used for the video is known as a Blue-Eyed Leucistic. It is a ball python morph that is very popular that back in the day was worth over $5000 but the price has gone down to $500. This is too subtle show how much the market changes and how even big investments can eventually go down in price.


Certain assets, such as the blacked out snake, are reusable so to save space we have the one illustration that can be used multiple times.

S3. Generations of Snakes

In addition - because the assets are their own pieces we can play around with the pieces and make sure the scenes are exactly how we want them and can change them more easily.

S1. Intro - Option A

S1. Intro - Option B

Fun Note: The question mark over the guys head is the same question mark used on the snakes in the generations scene - again saving on space by making it a separate asset!

Video Drafts

Draft 1 -